Top 10 Must Visit American Cities

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These are the top tourist destinations brought to you by way of the U.S. of A. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 must-visit American cities.

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50 replies
  1. Maura Evans
    Maura Evans says:

    Honestly new york is great and all, but it's really a one time visit, its boring, and it smells like piss, its bitter cold or hot as hell, I'd much rather visit Philly or Pittsburgh which are underrated as fuck

  2. Justin Santiago
    Justin Santiago says:

    10. Honolulu is actually very beautiful.
    9. Outside of the political/yuppie areas, D.C actually sucks.
    8. Miami is overpriced with ugly houses.
    7. That Bostonian accent is like nails on a chalk board.
    6. Las Vegas is actually very pleasant, very dry though.
    5. Los Angeles, no thanks!
    4. New Orleans is literally sinking.
    3. Chicago… gross!
    2. If you like whiny liberal hippies, than San Fransico is perfect.
    1. New York… great pizza, miserable people. Stay the hell away if you want to keep your soul!

  3. Kip Tucker
    Kip Tucker says:

    I love it here in Tennessee.  But here's the 5 cities I'd actually enjoy visiting:  Key West, FL…NYC…SF…Denver…Honolulu.

  4. JiminWantsHisSugaKookie
    JiminWantsHisSugaKookie says:

    You know you're American when you spend the whole time watching the video waiting to see if your state comes up.

  5. Edwin Trejo Gonzalez
    Edwin Trejo Gonzalez says:

    I would highly like to recommend for you guys to visit Atlanta Georgia it's awesome so come on down to my city and experience many cool places like Georgia aquarium, world of coca cola, and many more ??????

  6. Spastic Banana
    Spastic Banana says:

    My personal top 10
    1. San Francisco, CA. It isn't in northern California. Why did you say it was?
    2. San Diego, CA.
    3. Los Angeles, CA.
    4. Cambria, CA.
    5. Sacramento, CA.
    6. San Jose, CA.
    7. Redding, CA.
    8. Portland, OR.
    9. Las Vegas, NV.
    10. District of Colombia.
    Yes, I'm a liberal hipster who lives in California.

  7. Vito Corleone
    Vito Corleone says:

    What's bizarre is that Austin got an honorable mention but Philadelphia didn't. Philly has countless things to do in Center City, the Italian Market in South Philly, some hotspots in Fishtown and Manayunk, and the art museum in Fairmount. There's also Penn's Landing right on the Delaware and the Philadelphia Navy Yard, where you can see the big ships and occasionally these outdoor festivals

  8. Mr. BunnyWabbit
    Mr. BunnyWabbit says:

    Before I watch, let me guess. New York in first?
    watches video
    Yep. Though I really don't understand why…

  9. PaulCAviation
    PaulCAviation says:

    I've been to North Miami, it was amazing. The food was spectacular and the view was remarkable. And the people are very polite

  10. Young n Gettin it
    Young n Gettin it says:

    New Orleans should've been #1. It's always something going on, the food is great, so much culture, and you can't forget Mardi Gras


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