Top 10 Places to Retire in Asia

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  1. peter grahame
    peter grahame says:

    Thailand- worst traffic casualties in the world, moronic TV, laughable education system, rampant corruption and anti free speech laws that can end up with you getting 15 years in prison for expressing an opinion.

  2. Jasmin Hamid
    Jasmin Hamid says:

    Singapore, Taipei? This places are crazy expensive. Its not the best to place to retire either as it is such a choke city. Kuala Lumpur, Penang? Maybe its pretty cheap considering the weak currency, but traffic jams there are so ridiculous (Far2 worse than any other cities in the west). Are u sure you want to promote this list as a "Retirement" place?

  3. Ch wang
    Ch wang says:

    Taiwan has very high quality health care while very inexpensive. Foods are great there. Mass transportation is good. A lot of beautiful mountains for people like hiking or climbing mountains. However, housing can be expensive.

  4. Ashley Lala
    Ashley Lala says:

    Retire in Hong Kong, you must be kidding me! It's twice as expensive as Tokyo! And not even half as nice. It's so expensive that they literally put old people in cages! There's videos on YouTube all about it and it's despicable.

  5. nashi nash
    nashi nash says:

    Folks need to be a Millionaire to retire comfortably in Singapore & not many can except for the richer class who probably retire in other 'cheaper' countries with similar standard of living….

  6. Hindradjid Harsono
    Hindradjid Harsono says:

    IMHO, variable to choose for retirement as follow: weather (tropical), low living cost, facilities for senior citizens or retirement (medical, nursing, etc) and people (hospitality, communications, etc)
    how do you think?


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