Top 10 Romantic Travel Destinations

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  1. Arez
    Arez says:

    fucking americunts they dont even Know the meaning of romantic, also american people are stupid when they go to other countries they speak english, if you are american tell me the meaning of love, lets see if your people is romantic.

  2. Sam Read-Norrie
    Sam Read-Norrie says:

    this is all good.. if you live in America/Canada. I appreciate that's probably the angle you're going for, but the fact you put Paris and Venice as the most romantic spots in Europe is trite to say the least. Can't say fighting through the swaves of people, overcrowding every bridge over a canal in Venice was a partuclarly romantic experience. Nice try though! Perhaps some proper research wouldn't go a miss 🙂

  3. Ian Dass
    Ian Dass says:

    This, in my opinion, is your worst list yet! Where is Santorini, Greece? Where is Tuscany, Italy? Where is Amsterdam, the Netherlands?

    Seriously? New York City is the most unromantic place I can think of currently! This list is too USA-centric…very disappointed!

  4. Emily Rohde
    Emily Rohde says:

    For anyone out there looking for REAL romantic place to travel to, with not only GREAT Food and fine dining, but nice sandy beaches with great sunsets and even wonderful places to visit that also have a lot history.WE ARE NOT part of the boring flat lands that most think we may be either… In the winter time we have very high hills comparable to the mountains that you actually NEED gondolas to take you up the very high and long, long runs of our many ski resorts in this state with also black diamond runs. We also have white water rafting of our many fast flowing rivers, that some are so dangerous when there are very high waters that are not open all of the time, but we have so many that you can always be accomodated  to another part of the rivers flowage for the safety of all, with a very established master rafter. Also a nice beautiful 4 hour tour on the Menomonee River tubing with a group, a tube for a keg of beer or one for a cooler in the heat of the summer to keep you cool and keep it fun for all, while you see the beautiful sites along the river with the canyon so high carved out from such a long time ago from this river, being a big part of glacier. Also the Wisconsin Dells has so much to offer with the U.S.'s largest water park, Noah's Ark and so many Hotels and Restaurants for all tastes for everyone. The state of Wisconsin also has so many crystal clear inbound lakes that are spring fed and you actually feel cleaner when you get done swimming than before getting in! I could go on and on here… Plus I have a special place I usually don't share. It's a little place up in Crivitz, WI. The rooms are nice and clean and well priced! They are veryT large for a family of up to 4-6 or there is a very nice cabin there only by reservation only. The Peshtigo river surrounds the whole motel and Supper Club that's also one of the only REAL Supper Clubs left that does it the old fashion way like Supper Clubs used to back in the day.The food is so delicious as always and is served family style. Friday is most popular for the "All Wisconsin Traditional Fish Fry" (Fish Fry's and Fish Boils have been a Friday Tradition here since the 1940's with a good Pabst Blue Ribbon, made in 1844 in Milwaukee, the City of Breweries and Festivals. A city of great history! Old World 3rd Street sure is holding onto that for all to share good company, outdoor eating in the summer months, and of course the micro breweries and more, so much more right there! You can also go to Door County and enjoy all they have to offer there, and when it comes to romantic. They sure have that one down for all of those couples that go on their Honey moons, and Anniversaries, and just to be alone together and enjoy a nice spa weekend, or take the ferry to Washington Island for the day or overnight. Just be sure to make a reservation for their Hotel there… The people that live there all year long, are the friendliest people you will ever meet. And they will give you all of the information and history as well as what it's like to live on that island all year through along with all of the preperation that goes into just having to hunker down for the winter months, as the ferry shuts down in November and only by Helicopter is the only way to get on and off the Island. Staying in Fish Creek was very Romantic for us. They had a indoor pool, a jaccuzzi and a fire place in our room that was very nice, and well kept with modern details. Go to your Travel Agency in Wisconsin only (only they know all our secrets as to how to unlock the secret to a great and romantic destination that will blow your mind! I promise it will… And the prices are not that bad either! (Unless you decided to stay in Milwaukee or Lake Geneva, then you get what you pay for. They are 4 Diamond Resorts with everything you would ever want right there without even leaving the resort! Wisconsin is known for a great destination of so many unfound romantic places and adventures. Come to Wisconsin and check it out for yourself!

  5. Warchief TTT
    Warchief TTT says:

    watchmojo i like your top 10s but i think you should have show other places other then just usa, you could have made a top 10 usa places to visit and i would have agree with the list but i think for this one you should have talk about more places in the world i bet germany or i dont kow england have nice places too 😀 by the way i like you talk about mexico on the list

  6. LethalOwl
    LethalOwl says:

    Yeah.. No. I'm staying out of America. Europe's got enough.
    Edit; Yeah, I'm plenty aware they listed a lot of non-American locations – But most were American. Also, Paris is now extremely renowned for being full of trash, too.


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