TOP 10 SOUTHEAST ASIA – 3 Years of Travel

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  1. Glai Not Clear
    Glai Not Clear says:

    See you next month Siargao.. last visted there way back 2008, no restaurants yet and night life near the beach. For our food, the locals was offering us seafoods they catched and cooked it for us for as low as 100pesos with rice. No streetlights, no hotels only small cottages and you can swim to any part of the island without a price.

  2. lsigbinl
    lsigbinl says:

    for the longest time the island of Mindanao in the Philippines has a bad reputation across the world as the land of war, terror and rebellion, but since the president came from Mindanao and some brave foreign bloggers starts traveling to Mindanao, it started to get more tourist and siargao which 2 hrs driving + boat away from where I grew up, one of the hidden gem of Mindanao starts to get exposed, and what you always hear from outside of Mindanao is not actually accurate infact KULAS (kyle jennermann) a Canadian blogger and finnsnow has a lot to say to that. but one thing I can advice with caution to all tourist who is planning to travel to Mindanao is '' if people hiding diamonds, they always tell other people they found snakes ''.
    but if you really planning to travel to Mindanao, get in touch with finnsnow ( or kulas ( THEY KNOW THE LOCALS specially kulas he live just 2 hrs from marawi but in siargao and surigao del norte no worries about securities infact the whole island of Mindanao is currently under martial law so safety is tight..
    have a safe travel…

  3. Coco Supernova
    Coco Supernova says:

    Blown away!! Thank you that was a great review. I love Coron too one of the best dives of my life, indeed my favourite. You’ve got three spots for the Philippines in you too 10! That’s awesome!
    Ps never been to Siargao shame on me but I promised my husband to show him more of the islands ha

  4. Tara Maniquis
    Tara Maniquis says:

    I knew on my first day of watching you that you will be a big hit! ( First video I watched was when you went with a group to do karaoke) Congratulations Christian!!! Almost 500k! Awesome top 10 choices

  5. Bruce Malo
    Bruce Malo says:

    Christian, where is LAURA? I dont think you have much to be proud of…you have used the people around you, especially LAURA, and now this girl.from Peru, to build.your views. This girl from Peru was not ready to TELL HER STORY TO THE PUBLIC !!! but you used her for the NUMBERS, once again. You are no better than the men they are crying over… you use these women to build your views, and dump them once you are done using them.

  6. Avangeline Collett
    Avangeline Collett says:

    Can you do a video where you talk about how you got from one place to another and what's the cheapest way to do this? Thanks! Been marathoning your videos for a week now and it's so helpful 😀

  7. Matthew B
    Matthew B says:

    I am a long time subscriber and after finding your channel and watching your original christians travel vlog videos i was inspired and would come over every day and check for a new video, i was living vicariously through your channel. you inspired me to go travel the world and using your old vlogs, new vlogs and your travel guide i visited thailand, laos, cambodia, myanmar and vietnam. watching this video, seeing all the places i've visited because of you i just wanted to say thanks.

    I should also mention that there is no private waterfall section at kuang si anymore, i walked up and down the both sides twice and couldn't find it, later i found out there was a land slide and that area is now nothing but rocks. pretty sad i didn't get to experience it but it was still amazing none the less.


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