Top 10 Surprisingly Dangerous Vacation Destinations

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  1. James Lee
    James Lee says:

    What a dumb list including Grand Canyon and the Australian Outback. Oh wait..everyday you hear news about planes crashing onto each other at the Grand Canyon, so it should be closed to tourists. Yeah also ban the snakes from getting anywhere near tourists in the outback. I was hoping you would focus on violent organized crimes, drugs, kidnappings, rapes, political instabilities, etc which would alert people not to visit those places. But occasional plane crashes and slithery creatures? You kidding me? What a crock. Also, although the tsunami in the Indonesian islands is deadly, is it right to classify the area as "dangerous"? Does it happen all the time? Did the tsunami gang target tourists in particular? It is an unfortunate act of nature which had struck some unlucky tourists that time (not to mention killed more locals). It shouldn't be on this list at all.

  2. NOP
    NOP says:

    the grand canyon one was bullshit it had nothing to do with the actual grand canyon but because of two planes you might as well put new york there they also don't like planes.

  3. ryudragon7
    ryudragon7 says:

    I have issues with the Grand Canyon entry. Airspace incidents should not be considered when talking about something like this. If a bird has a heart attack in the air above me, that doesn't make it my issue.

  4. J CAZ
    J CAZ says:

    I went to Naples last year and in no way I felt I was in a dangerous place. I even got a video about Naples on my channel. In my opinion it's a beautiful place worth visiting. Just don't be stupid. Stupid makes the safest place a death trap.

  5. RainyDaysReads
    RainyDaysReads says:

    Finally Rio is in a top 10 of more dangerous cities… it's out of control but all people see is carnival, beaches and women. Living in it on a daily basis is another thing.

  6. Jake Alter
    Jake Alter says:

    I'm surprised that they didn't mention Indonesia's volcanoes seeing as 3 of the worst volcanic eruptions in human history there (those being Krakatoa in 1883, Tambora in 1815, and Lake Toba around 75,000 years ago)

  7. Warren Kent
    Warren Kent says:

    What a F*cken joke about Cape Town. Every country in the WORLD has areas you should not go into. Not going out at night is an absolute joke. Videos like this should not be made unless the people creating the video have actually experienced the city themselves. It is damaging to a countries tourism. CT is great, dont listen to this BS.


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