Top 10 Things to DO in FLORIDA!

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Florida aka the”Sunshine State” is one of our most favourite states in all of America. You’ve got miles of beautiful beaches, tons of adventurous activities, an extremely diverse wildlife, and of course theme parks!! We ended up spending close to 2 weeks in Florida, and to be honest we could have stayed longer… Here are our Top 10 things you have to do when you’re in Florida!!

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  1. K.C.R
    K.C.R says:

    I'm from Engalnd and met a girl over the internet yeah I know sounds stupid af but we met by accident and not even a dating site I don't use those I wanna go Florida but I need a visa this actually makes me cry I hate restrictions to USA

  2. DEATH CAT 29
    DEATH CAT 29 says:

    Hi. I live by Devil's Den. There is a place right before it. I can not remember the exact name of the place, but me and my family met owner a couple months before the park was finish. He was nice. His park used to be a limestone Quarry, he had dug down to the water table. He had this one wheel barrel at a time. The park is awesome and we go there every time they have the spring festival. You show check it out.

  3. Salty Kissez
    Salty Kissez says:

    Thank you for sharing how awesome our state is!! I live in Gainesville, but raised in The Keys and Miami. Your video definitely made me appreciate my home more. We are always in a hurry to get out of here to check out the next big thing, when really we have so many amazing things to do right here. Thanks again for showing our state some love. Subscribed and waiting for new videos ??? GO Gators! Lol

  4. Liberty Daniels
    Liberty Daniels says:

    You missed the emerald coast! Pensacola Navarre destin. Come back. Kayak black water, dive oriskany, beautiful beaches, great off shore fishing, snorkel at the jettys in destin. Nightlife at Baytown destin. Historic fort Pickens, there is a little of everything right here.

  5. lindevo
    lindevo says:

    Don't see what's so good here in Gainesville, but if you want to see some wild alligators, go to Paynes Prarie, on the La Chua trail in southeast Gainesville. No gator farms here. Walk into the prarie, and who knows, you might find wild horse and alligator decking it out

  6. Bruce R.
    Bruce R. says:

    Surprised you put in morrison spring. That was the very first spring i free dived. Its about 60ft deep but its extremely beautiful with no recent rain storms. Extremely breathtaking seeing a natural clear spring like that for the first time.

  7. Kimberly Flaherty
    Kimberly Flaherty says:

    Hey you forgot to mention that while your in the Everglades in Florida, you should look for the Burmese Python snakes that are there! I mean these snakes are so big they will scare the crap out of you! You have a really good chance of seeing one if you go to "Alligator Alley….Exit 49, Snake Road.


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