TOP 5 Travel SCAMS | Thailand | South East Asia

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  1. Rebecca Gutierrez
    Rebecca Gutierrez says:

    One time while traveling in Central America, Honduras to be specific, I actually saw the store attendant change the price tag on an item I wanted to buy. It seemed like she heard me when I told my friend hey I'd like to buy that whatever knick knack. The gal didn't know I was looking her way and I actually saw her change the ticket price and placed another. When I approached her telling her I wanted to buy it I noticed that she did this and I called her out on it. She tried to deny it. But I looked her straight in the eye and told her I saw you change the price so please sell it to me at the original price or I'm going to file a complaint against you. She ended up selling it to me for the original price.

  2. Al Saves
    Al Saves says:

    For more years than I remember, every time I land at Suvarnabhumi Airport, I go up to arrivals on the upper level and catch a taxi dropping off customers and catch a meter taxi without waiting on line or paying the airport tax at departures. Departures taxis on lower level are scammers even though they wait for you tourists at departure and you think you are protected because you have a ticket by the airport authorities. You see, departure taxi sit and wait for clients and there are many, arrival taxis are always on the move, so you usually get better prices and faster service . I usually give the airport Tax as a tip to the driver- Also I give the driver 100 bath to go the fast route , called highway road and is also the toll road. Passenger pays for tolls. And in my example, is for Bangkok route. The train is also good and very inexpensive, especially if your hotel is close to the train depot.
    By the you are not require to tip in Thailand- if the meter is 102 bath the driver may just as well round down to 100 baht or you could round up to 105 baht
    For clarity you arrive at airport to take off to your destination and you depart from the plane in this case Bangkok to go to your hotel

  3. Алеx
    Алеx says:

    For Asia, it is not always a good idea to use Grab or Uber to get from an airport to a hostel. Most drivers are simply afraid to pick you up from the airport because of the other local taxi drivers. Sometimes they might even fight with each other. I'd recommend using official taxis counters in the airport. Yes, they might charge you double compared to Uber or Grab, but not triple compared to other scam drivers. 🙂

    Anyway, I've never had a problem with Grab drivers by the road to the airport. In this case, the driver can simply drop you off as quick as possible and avoid any conversations with the local taxis mafia, which usually gathers only near the arrival zone.

    And in some large cities, there is not a big problem to find a local bus which brings you to downtown for a dollar or so.

  4. Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson says:

    The scams in Thailand are easy to avoid, if it sounds too good to be true, it is! And the best way to get around Bangkok is the sky train, it's clean, fast, efficient, cheap, scam free and best part air conditioned!!!!

  5. Santiago carulla vila
    Santiago carulla vila says:

    Well! … Thanks for the warning. Next May I will go to Bangkok for the first time and I did not know these stratagems. I feared a little for my belongings but I realize that wI have to be aware of everything. I'll check your other videos. I'm glad to found you!

  6. ambitious kid
    ambitious kid says:

    Yea taxi scam is very common. We took a taxi in Bangkok, asked the driver to take us to a place which I don’t recall the name of.
    Well after around 10 minutes we noticed that driver hadn’t turned on the meter for us. We were quiet and patient, after another few minutes when we knew that we have got really close to our destination (thanks to google maps), we broke an argument as to why was the meter not turned on for us. (I don’t promote to start an argument cz some drivers carry weapon I heard)
    Well anyways, The driver just asked us to get out of his taxi. We gladly got out with a fake angry face cz inside we really happy, walked about 150 meters and wala there were for free.

  7. acajudi100
    acajudi100 says:

    Switching your money with a counterfeit bill. Write your serial number of your bill. Turning off meter near the end of your ride, and telling you a higher amount. Putting some empty shrimp shells in your takeout meal, and not including all of your meal. Pick up the shrimps and make sure real shrimp is inside. Take out cheap phones, for they will be snatched.

  8. Sherif Tito
    Sherif Tito says:

    yupe i got scammed by taxi meter ,i known that it over for 400 but i gave extra 200 bt , tuktuk scam will never stop ,as said before i escaped that scam in bkk, for tuktuk or stations scam : i never answer back .  jetski scam : everybody over internet repeatedly adviced that before many times, never ever get jetski, i witnessed that many times when most time people pay alot , also i witnessed a fight between jetski owners when over 15 of them attacked 4 young western teenagers two boys and two girls , the boys had been beaten , but one girl got a taxi and they jumped in it running from the jetski owners , i will never forget the other girl crying face . may i suggest to update the title to be southeast asia transportations scam instead of thailand .


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