Top Five Most Livable Cities in Southeast Asia for Expats

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  1. spoonhunterZ
    spoonhunterZ says:

    im digital enterpreneur living in manila for 3 weeks now have my own bike and own condo. i really like to explore manila and like especially the open minded and educated people here. the city is crazy and even makati which supposed to be the rich area is fucked up. u cant compare a city like that to los angeles haha

  2. Kelvin Yiew
    Kelvin Yiew says:

    Singapore? U must be joking. A simple first hand car(honda jazz) cost more then 90k and u can only drive it for 10 years. A pack of cigarette is from the range of 11 to 14 sgd.

  3. Omega John Buna
    Omega John Buna says:

    For me davao city Philippines is the best city of Asia. Simply the city is the largest city of the world in terms of land area. Rank number 4 safest city in the world. City is clean and the city has equip with the CCTV camera around the city. The food is cheap compare to other city in the world

  4. bob
    bob says:

    If you are from the west your best opportunities are in the west. The west also offers the best opportunities for everyone else. SE Asia is for losers who cannot get jobs in the west.

  5. says:

    I fully agree with your assessment of Bangkok. It's mediocre at best. The air is horrendous. I get sick every time I go there. The people are like New Yorkers. Pretty much anywhere else in Thailand is a massive improvement. I've never been charged the "farang price" anywhere else.

  6. Chet Machen
    Chet Machen says:

    Having spent an extensive period of time in Ho Chi Minh City(HCMC-Saigon), I would strongly agree it is one of the best places to live in S.E. Asia. In my experience, a much higher percentage of the populace there speak English than folks in Beijing, for example, the climate is fair & livable(I'm from Houston TX, so my perception of "fair" climate may be somewhat skewed) and the rents, public/private transportation & food are all cheap.

    IMRAN SIR says:

    My suggestion to you is make vlogs more attractive and viewable by inserting video clips, photographs, animations, etc. Put more focus on pictorials, BUT it demands hard work and lot of time.

  8. Lucky Yang
    Lucky Yang says:

    If you're a passport holder of both US and Philippines like me and you have filipino looks, don't use your US passport as ID or even mention you are American when opening banks in the Philippines to avoid signing up for FATCA with the IRS. Saves so much hassle.

  9. Lkai
    Lkai says:

    Ive lived and travelled SE Asia extensively since 1981, and your chouces in my opinion are way off, especially staying primarily in capital cities and not elsewhere where there are, again in my opinion, much nicer cities to live in. Examples, Penang, Malacca, Kuantan, in Malaysia, Cebu, Davao, Bantayan Islands, in Philippines, Nha Trang or Danang in Vietnam and many other much better choices for people to consider and do research on in SE Asia.

  10. Kanzaki Yasha
    Kanzaki Yasha says:

    Which part of Hongkong is SEA??? LOL. Just because there are a lot of Indonesian and Philippino workers in Hong Kong, he assumed that Hong Kong is a part of SEA *rotfl even before 1996 Hong Kong was a part of British Colony, well when we open the map, it is located far away from SEA's countries. It is a small Island located right at the bottom of China's mainland, near Macau and several miles to Taiwan. Open your Geography and please find out where China lies on? Is it East Asia or is it South East Asia?

  11. Mesin Tempur
    Mesin Tempur says:

    nice to see Jakarta is not on the list. Even we are G20 member but to be honestly, we need to learn more about how to built livable city…Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur are good example in this region. Our Goverment plan to move capital city away from Java Island, maybe Kalimantan or Sulawesi & Jakarta will countinue act as Bussines Center. It will take alot money & time but i hope they will built a livable city then. Capital City is like a main gates, foreign people who come for the first time used to know whats this country really like only by seeing its capital city.

  12. VinnyOfDeath 17
    VinnyOfDeath 17 says:

    I've been putting serious thought into moving somewhere in the Southeast Asia like Vietnam or Thailand.
    4 main reasons to move there would be 1.martial arts opportunities to learn/train
    2.the cheapness of it
    3.nature and freedom in nature
    4.kratom a medicine for pain thats helps with sore bones from constant fighting.
    What would be the best place to meet those requirements?


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