Visit America – Top 10 Cities in the USA

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Thinking of visiting the US sometime soon? Here is our list of the ten best cities to visit on your next trip to or through the US. America has a lot to offer travelers, from beaches in Miami to Historic sites in Boston to LA glitz and glamour. So for travel advice in the US look no farther and enjoy our Top 10 USA.
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  1. BadgerCheese94
    BadgerCheese94 says:

    Minneapolis is not all that cold like the media makes it out to be. Its not that much colder than Chicago. There's only about 10-15 days a year where the lows are below zero but people make it out to be Fairbanks. Most of the winter is normal northern winter weather. Snowy, cold, but 20s aren't that bad. Plus, people there love winter and go out and play in the snow or go ice skating. Anyway, they're reaching the high 50s this week and its the middle of February! Cold is way better than heat imo. Texas in the summer? Unless you're at the pool, you just wanna hibernate in the AC lol. Cold weather motivates you to move to warm yourself up!

  2. scott marquiss
    scott marquiss says:

    My only comment is D.C. should be first, only because is our Capital! No bias here. . .since I live 5 miles form the Capitol building! Note CAP. . .are both spelled correctly: TAL (place, i.e. location. TOL ( actual building)!

  3. mikitavi
    mikitavi says:

    It's obvious you don't like L.A. since you told people to go to all the SHITTY tourist traps of Los Angeles and not see the real L.A.
    The Walk of Fame? The Hollywood Sign?! RODEO DRIVE?!!! Where all you will do is look but you WILL NOT shop unless you're a super rich tourist?! Are you kidding me?!! Yes our traffic is bad, really, really bad, but that doesn't mean you have to throw it in at the last minute and disparage it. (La Brea Tar Pits and The Getty ARE pretty good.)
    I'm an L.A. native, born and bred, live in the poor side of town but work in the rich area (Beverly Hills) and have never seen an actor or actress, at least not an A-lister, so telling people they will see "all the actors and famous people" is not reality.
    Also Disneyland IS NOT IN LOS ANGELES!!!!! That's Anaheim in Orange County. Eeew.

  4. Pamela Johnson
    Pamela Johnson says:

    Hey my class learn a lot from this some of them made a 90 on there test and some made 100 I was proud my name is Mrs.harp

  5. pencil pen
    pencil pen says:

    my state has a state fair every October its a ton of fun with a robot that will follow you everywhere in the fairgrounds its full of people every year.


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