Visit Eastern Europe – Top Ten Cities in East Europe

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  1. Nick Deisler
    Nick Deisler says:

    I would like to travel even more in Eastern Europe, Ive been in Prague, which I loved and nowdays is actually one of my favorite cities in Europe.

    Budapest is a very beautiful city, I liked it a lot, but unfortunately and didn't get the best impresion of the locals. Starting from the metro system and how they target tourist to fine them and a rude lady at the train station when I was trying to buy a train ticket. I will visit Budapest once again and I hope my mentality changes next time.

    Bratislava is a cool city, perfect for a day trip from Viena, I liked the architecture a lot, but I had the feeling that after just a half day you had already visit everything this city has to offer.

    I definetely want to visit Romania, is another dream 🙂

  2. Lyudmila Aksan
    Lyudmila Aksan says:

    Kiev, Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine. If you travel to some country side there are some very old castles ( over 1500 centuries old) still intact. I know some people afraid to go there because of the conflict but if you stay away from the far east of Ukraine you'll be fine:).

  3. miruna-simona vrabete
    miruna-simona vrabete says:

    Now Bucharest is called the little Berlin because of the night life, also, from 2010 Bucharest changed a lot, the old city center is restructured. Also you should visit Timisoara! It will be the European Cultural Capital in 2021. Also, nice old center and a big one; parties over parties in the night. A lot of parks and is easy to get in Caras Severin country to visit the natural beauty of Banat Mountains (Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park, Bigar cascade, Baile Herculane – the most loved geothermal reservation by Princess Sissy, also with Roman baths- 2000 years ago under Hotel Roman; UNESCO heritage in Rudaria (new name "Eftimie Murgu") – the water mills, still functional; Poiana Marului were is the most clean air from Europe; Oravita – the oldest theater, the oldest railway from country also still in use and still going from Oravita to Anina the old train (Mocanita) – I highly recommend that ) etc.

  4. NTasev
    NTasev says:

    I find it funny how lightly he calls the capitol and older city than his own country ugly and disgusting, but in another video about the "dont's in the US", the other dude says not to prejudge americans as a whole and they have different culture all over from southeast, to midwest etc. On top of it more than half of the cities on this list are from countries that despise to be called East Europe. See that's why people stereotype americans as dumb and ignorrant. You will do and call anything you want as you please and don't care what others think. After all you are just descendants of Europe's scum.

  5. Evan Shao
    Evan Shao says:

    There is west Europe and there is East Europe. What is so bad about "East"? It is just a general direction, the east of Europe. People should stop whining about it as if it matters.

  6. Clement Ng
    Clement Ng says:

    Suggest itierary, in and out with direct non stop flights toronto, prague, budapest, zagreb, warsaw, athens. Romania, bulgaria too worthwhile. Krakow, riga, talinn, vilnius, siauliai, kaunas, toruń, Łodź, ljubljana, bled, česky krumlov, karlovy vary, gdańsk, peleš, kalipėda, oświęćim, plitvice, hvar korčula, vienna, berlin, potsdam, dresden leipzig halle , höllokö, eszterhaza,

  7. Timothy Dingman
    Timothy Dingman says:

    2018, we will be spending 2 months in Central (Eastern) Europe. Looking at Zagreb, Krakow and maybe Prague. We are looking for art, architecture and culture and we are asking for suggestions. We will be renting apartments where we can cook local food etc. We are looking for suggestions and recommendations. It would help if we can also find good food and cheap wine.

  8. Christopher Haist
    Christopher Haist says:

    L'viv (Lemberg) Ukraine. Cultural capital of Ukraine and a UNESCO world heritage site. They hosted some of the Euro Cup matches there a few years ago. You can take the overnight train to Cracow for $50.

  9. goldkyivv
    goldkyivv says:

    Mark, what about Real Eastern Europe? I am from Kyiv/Ukraine. Ukraine is amazing and Moldova even Belarus. This is real another culture. I will be glad to help you with these.

  10. Holy League 1683
    Holy League 1683 says:

    I am missing in this a real eastern European city. Saint Petersburg. I would remove Brasov in favor of Saint Petersburg. All the other picks are OK. Not necessarily in the order presented here. But it doesn't matter.
    +Ulku Nicoleta You cannot fool me. I have been to Bucarest. The city sucks in every aspect.


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