Visit Europe: Top 10 European Cities for Tourists

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  1. Lilithia Abendstern
    Lilithia Abendstern says:

    Short correction the House of Habsburg only took over after the last emperor died and there was no one who followed him for years, and the Holy Roman Empire of Germanic Nation vanished with the extinction of the spanish line, so it was later divided into an imperium Austria and an imperium Germany

  2. Stacy Siivonen
    Stacy Siivonen says:

    1) St. Petersburg, Russia, 2) Venice, Italy, 3) Copenhagen, Denmark, 4) Vilnius, Lithuania, 5) San Marino, San Marino, 5) Riga, Latvia, 6) Reims, France, 7) Belfast, Northern Ireland, 8) Hamburg, Germany 9) Tallinn, Estonia, 10) Brasov, Romania.

  3. Andy Martinez
    Andy Martinez says:

    Major Cities in Europe I want to visit:
    St. Petersburg

  4. Mari A
    Mari A says:

    Would you like me to speak like that of your country? Yea, guys here are the cities — "places" — you got to see when you go to the americas: "Buenos Aires, Montreal, Caracas, Costa Rica, New York, Brasilia, Vancouver, Lima, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Havana, Mexico city, Los Angeles. Boston and Ottawa are overrated, don't waste any time there". (I didn't choose the cities to advise which are the nicest, that is not the point I'm making here). ?

    Also, do you have any idea of how much offenses you had gotten thrown at you, if you had indeed said that for instance Boston and Ottawa aren't worth a visit? I'm surprised with the patience with which the people from Brussels replied to you. So patiently, so lovingly. But everyday we experience in the internet extremely agressive language. to the point that any "south Korean lady", or any other lady starts speaking in this way to say anything, thinking that's THE way to speak. But you were not insulted by the poor Brussels people.

    But back to what I was saying: would you like me to talk like that of your country? I wouldn't even mention your country, but just "The americas" and "the places" to go to, jumping from this one city to the other as if no countries existed there. As if those are cities belong to the continent like puzzle peaces, instead of them being part of a country, like an arm is part of a body. A country consists of all it's people or peoples, landscape, nature, cities and villages, in a close alive interrelation, forming an organism, a being, with a soul, not a puzzle.
    Do you really think that if I would visit the American continent jumping around those cities, as if I was visiting different sections of the Walt Disney Park, that I would come to know its countries?
    Just like I think it would be the best way to visit a country in the American continent, I think that the best way to know anything of Europe, is to choose one country to go to, according to your own interests, visit it and stay there the time you can. Apart from some important places or monuments to visit, the most beautiful of that country is often not advertised, and you got to try to discover it, being guided by your interests and research.

  5. penshaw2
    penshaw2 says:

    I have been to all these cities and no way Amsterdam should be on this list! No way can you miss out Budapest and St Petersburg (my two fav cities along with Rome) but also what about Istanbul and Dubrovnik. I also love Florence and Verona, Gdansk all of which I would put above Berlin.

  6. Mongoose 1980
    Mongoose 1980 says:

    Madrid, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Prague, Berlin, Rome, Istanbul, Granada. These are my top ten and Paris is not on it. I think Paris is overated and Every other european city is way better than Paris. My opinion

  7. Peter Mcnany
    Peter Mcnany says:

    For me it would be
    1. Brussels Belgium
    2. Ghent Belgium
    3. Antwerp Belgium
    4. Bruges Belgium
    5. Rome Italy
    6. Amsterdam Netherlands
    7. Pisa Italy (I know a lot of people say don't bother but I think its worth it)
    8. Prauge Czech Republic
    9. Vienna Austria
    10. Berlin Germany
    11. Rotterdam Netherlands
    12. Utrech Netherlands
    13. Madrid Spain
    14. Paris France
    15. Hamburg Germany
    16. Innsbruck Austria
    17. Liege Belgium
    18. Colonge Germany
    19. London England
    20. Venice Italy
    21. Charolei Belgium
    22. Lyon France
    23. Nice France
    24. Munich Germany
    25. Berm Switzerland
    26. Lugano Switzerland
    27. Frankfurt Germany
    28. Lueven Belgium
    29. Mechelen Belgium
    30. Ostend Belgium
    31. Ypres Belgium
    32. Dresden Germany
    33. Hanover Germany
    34. Karkow Poland
    35. Warsaw Poland
    36. Hasselt Belgium
    37. Zurich Switzerland
    38. Geneva Switzerland
    39. Basel Switzerland
    40. Stuttgart Germany
    41. Kortrijk Belgium
    42. Nuremberg Germany
    43. Leipizg Germany
    44. Bonn Germany
    45. Strasbourg France

  8. SoulAcid1
    SoulAcid1 says:

    My favorites (not nessessary in this order):
    Rome (Italy)
    Paris (France)
    London (England)
    Dublin (Ireland)
    Berlin (Germany)
    Vienna (Austria)
    Prague (Czech Republic)
    Amsterdam (Netherlands)
    Reykjavik (Iceland) -> I mean the whole island
    Madrid (Spain)
    Colone (Germany)
    Salzburg (Austira)
    Athene (Greece)
    Florence (Italy)
    Oslo (Norway)
    … and so on. These 15 cities are the first in my thoughts, but there are more beautiful places here in europe.
    greetings from germany 🙂

  9. john ortensio
    john ortensio says:

    my top ten from visiting europe and not in particular order because i love them when im there, because of the food and the history . the whole country of italy , monaco, paris, marseilles, all of southern france , most of spain. sorry but northern europe is being destroyed by migrants especially sweden and i was there the people are being forced politicly to accept them.


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