Visit South America – The DON’Ts of Visiting South America

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  1. WDH59510
    WDH59510 says:

    Definitely don't wear a football/soccer shirt till you get back home, and don't bring anything too 'British'-looking to Argentina (they haven't forgotten the Falklands War). A colleague of mine got some rather dark looks in Buenos Aires when she brought out a cigarette lighter with a Union Jack on it (and she's not even British).

  2. Neville6000
    Neville6000 says:

    Oh Mark, about what will attack your belly: before you go to a place like South or Central America, remember to get vaccinated for hepatitis A or B with Twinrex, and for traveller's belly with Dukoral.

  3. Esmeralda Trevino
    Esmeralda Trevino says:

    For anyone traveling: you can also download Easy Taxi, its like Uber but w cash and itll give you the most reasonable price. Also be wary of Ubers bc they are illegal in a lot of South American countries but most of my experiences have been awesome and I’ve met extremely nice people. Also don’t be upset if they cancel on you or take forever. Also take an unlocked phone and just buy a SIM card through Movistar (my recommendation) bc it is extremely cheap and reliable.

  4. glasslinger
    glasslinger says:

    The biggest don't of all is DON'T GO THERE! It is a shithole full of savages that will take advantage of you if they find out you are American. They HATE Americans unless you are shucking cash out of your wallet!


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