Welcome to Peru! | Best Essential Tips & Travel Guide

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  1. guidenepal
    guidenepal says:

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  2. Bradley Isaacs
    Bradley Isaacs says:

    Guys, I am moving to Peru for minimum 6 months to teach English. Any idea's in regard to what location I might enjoy most? I like the idea of living by the beach eating ceviche i.e. Lima, however, someone just returned suggesting "Cusco all the way" as there is more to do. I am quite a spiritual person, but I also want to step out of my confort zones to help people. I also want an enjoyable experience. I am stuck! I know this is a pretty broad question, any suggestions would be amazing, thank you. Brad

  3. okougbo Apabio
    okougbo Apabio says:

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  4. sophie akkermans
    sophie akkermans says:

    Dear people: I know this has nothing to do with the video, but this is something that needs attention. Students of the Stedelijk College Eindhoven are going to Peru in April to build a home for a family in the slums in Pamplona. However, this is not free of charge, and they need our help raising money. If there is any money left after building the house, it will be spent on food packages that will be distributed in these slums. Please help these students on https://www.gofundme.com/pamplona-slum-houses

  5. Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan says:

    I'm from Peru living In the USA!
    Tips: before traveling through the mountains, chew/drink coca leafs.
    After exploring MiraFlores & Barrancos in the capitol you MUST visit machu picchu, huacahina, nazca lines, rainforest, and the city of huancayo is also a great option

  6. hector velarde
    hector velarde says:

    The Peru of XXI century is a mix between The indigenous culture and Spain, and also Africa and Asia. We are mix of everything. The Spanish don't destroyed the Inca Civilization. They conquered the Inca Empire and that changed forever the Andean civilization but also Spain. As happened in Spain before, the muslim culture conquered Spain. The muslim were in Spain for almost 8 centuries. In every conquest there are blood and destruction and death, that is part of the human nature. But after destruction start the creation. I am a proud peruvian and both blood, Indian and Spanish, run my life. Thank you to made this awesome video guys !!!


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