Why I Quit My Job in America to Travel in Asia, 4 Years of Living in Thailand & Moving to Bangkok

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  1. Ding Bat
    Ding Bat says:

    How are you funding your adventures and what is your visa status. I found i was xpending about 500 euros a week to have agood time in SE Asia. It is NOT cheap, despite what some vloggers suggest. Good liuck to you, you have big cajones.?????

  2. shinon kim
    shinon kim says:

    Seems like you’re living the Hollywood life in Asia. Lol good for you, I’m planning on doing the same, but more remote part of Asia. The dollar carries a long way over there.

  3. Thad Nguyen
    Thad Nguyen says:

    So true! Just like that movie CITY SLICKERS with Jack Palance &Billy Crystal you define your own Happiness that’s one ☝️!! I went through with similar situations Best wishes to you ?

  4. Martin Cooney
    Martin Cooney says:

    nicely done Ethan and great story. Having moved and lived in Bangkok for the past 5 years I hear many people say they'd like to do the same thing. Unfortunately they're paralysed by the fear of leaving the comfort zone in most cases.
    It certainly does take courage to do it or a critical life change that pushes you.
    For me, it's the best 5 years of my life. new relationship, new and fast growing businesses and a lifestyle I couldn't before have ever imagined.
    We must catch up for a coffee one day too ^^

  5. Tony X
    Tony X says:

    I really loved your video. Not sure if this has been covered since I just recently started watching your videos, where do you get the money to survive? Is it mostly off of your social media revenue? Or are you just using the savings from selling your house?

  6. Chris Parlow
    Chris Parlow says:

    Am at sea right now and l just had to answer you sir your doing the right thing .You only live just the one time . I've learned . Do what makes me happy. I'm sick of liveing others ways and what they what . I'm happy and down below l have 4 wife's sleeping l fille great and it's a breath taking night billions of Star's no wind and the I.O. is flat calm. I know your feeling dud go for it LM no buddy's slave .

  7. M CAT
    M CAT says:

    ok, your 30 something, no marriage, no children, your Asian and you travel to Asia, you video Asia and have an Asian GF…Best to you, but nothing special.

    Idea: You should do a video series on how Asia has copied their entire culture (music, fashion, architecture) from the US, and how they steal all our technology and have fished the oceans dry and consume household pets. Then they come here for our education and plant spies in our universities and steal secrets from their colleges and send them back to Asia.

    Now that will get you 1m subs. Taking video's of Asian beaches and food is well, kinda done, over a million times…

  8. mike arasta
    mike arasta says:

    But life is not about happiness, it is about taking responsibility.
    Happiness is temporary and life is difficult. Happiness does not last, what gives life meaning is responsibility.

  9. Franklin Jones
    Franklin Jones says:

    Yah and in the so called American Dream of a house and nice trophy wife and beautiful car do you get the feeling it’s all The Truman Show. The end is coming quick and you had better had a satisfied look on your face on your deathbed. Look at your life now and imagine if in ended tonight what was really important. Not next weeks bills or the Kardashian’s LOL.

  10. Acta NonVerba
    Acta NonVerba says:

    Didn’t you say you have family in Thailand? An aunt? Didn’t that help you get started? Didn’t you have a job there “in the financial industry”? Like with another brokerage? Maybe an affiliate of your previous firm? Full disclosure?


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